Pizza by the Sea Spotlight


Situated just above ResortQuest at Gulf Place, on the corner of Laura Hamilton Boulevard, Pizza by the Sea sits on an open and airy balcony overlooking the Artists at Gulf Place and entire community. Known for their delicious slices of pizza, Italian favorites and a menu curated with everyone’s dietary needs in mind, Pizza by the Sea has been a staple for the past four years. We had the opportunity to connect with Owners, Kristi and Jason Beer to chat about their slices that have been serving the 30A community for over six years! Here’s what they had to say:


What inspired you to open Pizza by the Sea?

We purchased the first location of Pizza by the Sea in Watercolor in 2011. We were attracted to this business because of the whole package: amazing pizza with fresh ingredients, a family-friendly atmosphere, and fun beach location. We had vacationed on 30A and loved it here. We then opened a second location in Gulf Place in 2013 and a third location in Seacrest Beach in 2016.


What pizza would you recommend that everyone should try? And do you have a go-to menu item that you love?

A pizza everyone should try: Spaghetti and Meatball pizza!! It sounds a little strange but tastes so amazing. 

Speghetti and Meatball Pizza.jpg

Our favorite pizza that we often eat, Build Our Own Pie:  fresh garlic, ground beef, pepperoni and mushroom.


What non-pizza menu item would you recommend that everyone should try?

A person with no dietary constraints should try the pepperoni rolls or the meatball sandwich.


For those looking to cut carbs, our YUM bowls are perfect.  All your favorite pizza toppings baked into a bowl (no crust).  We created these the first year we had the business to help with our own waistlines!


What’s your most unique pizza on the menu and what sparked the idea for this special pie?

The most unique pizza we offer is the Billy Goats Yum (spinach, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, mozzarella, and basil). This was created by Kristi because she wanted a vegetarian pizza with goat cheese on it, although you can add chicken and it’s yummy! 

Billy Goats Yum.jpg

Why do you think your pizza is a favorite among locals?

We think locals appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere along with the great food. Our team takes pride in making customers feel like they’re at home while dining with us. Also, it’s hard to resist our famous thin crust!


What do you want people who’ve never dined with you to know about Pizza by the Sea

We try to meet the needs of all our customers. With that in mind, we offer traditional options, vegan options, our delicious gluten free crust (which we are known for) and an overall well-rounded menu! 


What’s your favorite part about being a part of the Gulf Place community?

The laid back, casual vibe is one of our favorite parts of being in the Gulf Place community. Customers love dining on our open-air balcony and then taking the kids down to the green to run around and have fun. 


What’s the best part about living and working on 30A?
Living and working on 30A is a unique experience.  Raising our children here in this community has been amazing! Furthermore, cultivating community among the locals and the return visitors is so fun.  We love to support local schools and organizations in the area. It is a big part of our mission as business owners.


Finally, we would like to thank our Pizza by the Sea team. We couldn’t do it without them!


Pizza by the Sea is located at 95 Laura Hamilton Blvd, Unit C4, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 and they’re open daily from 11am-9pm!