Level 2 Designs Spotlight

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Creating, cultivating and completing a vision for an interior space is no small task. Ask anyone who owns a home or office space and more often than not, those involved in the project will agree that without guidance, accomplishing the vision either falls short or simply doesn’t work at all. To avoid this headache, it’s best to hire an interior designer with a keen eye for the space and its goals long term in conjunction with color schemes, materials and the aesthetic of the space. These qualities and beyond can be found in Ann Melancon of Level 2 Designs located in Gulf Place. Offering an array of services from full scale design to home staging, Level 2 Designs is a go-to firm in the 30A community. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Level 2 Designs below:


What inspired you to open Level 2 Design?

I originally started doing interior design in Dallas.  I previously had a busy career in the entertainment industry, so when I finished my interior design program, I knew I wanted to own my own business and oversee how it was run. At the time my husband was a lighting designer for concerts and live show events. We opened Level 2 Design thinking that I would eventually cross over into set design and he would do some cross-over work in residential lighting. As my husband expanded his lighting design to include technical direction and production design, I decided I really enjoyed doing residential design as well as some commercial design. We still share our company name.  


What is your scope of design services offered? 

My services include everything from full scale design to decoration to home staging. For new construction or renovation, I can do the space planning or work with the client’s architect to fine tune the layout to fit their lifestyle. I can follow the project through to completion to make sure my client’s vision is brought to life.

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What sets your design style apart from other interior designers in the area?

I see some beautiful design work down here, but I believe my approach has a cleaner, more modern sensibility. Clients can purchase furnishings, fixtures and accessories through me, but because I have a studio and not a store with an inventory of furniture to move, I have more freedom to choose which items really fit with my clients’ vision.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Each day varies greatly. At the onset of a project, much of my time is spent in the drawing/design process. In conjunction with that, I also budget the project. Some days are spent shopping whether locally or at various design centers around the country. As we move onto the construction phase, I’ll spend part of the day onsite working in conjunction with the contractor and trades.  

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Do you have a favorite type of design project?

I enjoy a project that I can work on from conception to completion. Oftentimes, I’m brought into a project midstream, but when I’m involved from the initial design process, I do not have to work within strict confines and I’m able to be more creative.


What’s your favorite part about being a part of the Gulf Place community?

I like the mix of people and businesses. It’s a smaller, intimate community, and you can’t beat working across the street from the beach!

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What do you want people who maybe haven't heard of Level 2 Design to know about your business? 

I want people to know that we a proud member of the Gulf Place Community and Merchant’s Association. We’re here to help design around clients’ lifestyles, and it’s not always about aesthetics. Sometimes it’s more practical, like designing for people who are handicapped or aging in place.


What’s the best part about living and working on 30A?

30A is a uniquely beautiful part of Florida.  Besides the beautiful beaches, it has a small town feel with many charming hamlets spotting the coast. I’ve lived many different places; always in major metropolitan city.  This is the first small town I’ve been in and have enjoyed becoming a part of the community.


It’s clear from Ann’s commentary about her work and the beautiful photos depicting two of her most recent projects (a remodeled kitchen and a children’s center at a local church) that her passion for design shines through in all she does. Tailoring each space perfectly to its purpose for that specific client guides the design process from start to finish. Her diligent commitment to her clients and our community is appreciated by everyone who works with Level 2 Designs. Whether you need help designing a room or a large office space, Level 2 Designs is ready to help you. Located at 90 Spires Lane, Unit A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 in Gulf Place and they can be reached at (850) 213-2781.