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Interior Design

Design can be done for a single room or a whole house. Level 2 Design can simply design the space or manage the entire project for you by partnering with your contractor or architect.

Interior Decorating

You can't put a price on good taste. Furnishing and decorating even the smallest of rooms can seem overwhelming with the plethora of choices out there.

Level 2 Design can simply provide you with the design plan or see the project through, working with painters, installers and tradespeople.

Home Staging

Let's face it. Buyers make up their minds about a house in the first couple of minutes. We all know we're supposed to de-clutter and depersonalize our spaces, but knowing how to present your house in the best possible light to the largest number of people can be challenging.

An assessment of your house will be done, after which a staging plan will be presented. Many times it is simply a matter of rearranging what you already have. Other times more work may be necessary i.e. painting, new rugs, furniture rental, etc.

Level 2 Design will help you get the most from your home sale.



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