Being surrounded by art at Gulf Place, Culture and the Arts play important roles in the community. You will find many artist and small galleries are filled with the art of local 30A artists - jewelry, pottery, photography, acrylics, and glass art, and hand printed t-shirts are just a few unique items you will find. The most important art at Gulf Place is not for sale. ART with an important conservation message-Save the turtles! Find time to seek out three outdoor art installations. “Manuelita”, “Miss Lucy”, and “Horace.” The turtles were gifted to Gulf Place with full intentions of making them beautiful "pieces of art". The artists were chosen based on their connections to Gulf Place but we also wanted a variety of techniques, design and color.


Billie Gaffrey painted “Miss Lucy” Billie is a local artist who has lived in South Walton for twenty years. Art has been her passion since childhood which she turned into a profession when she opened up her first art gallery, Gaffrey Art, in 1994. After serving on the board of directors for Seaside Neighborhood School from 2004-2007, she joined the faculty and began teaching art.  The award-winning artist‘s work often graces posters and t-shirts for local events. Her fun and whimsical artwork has long been iconic in the area and decorates the walls of many homes and businesses in the local area. 


“I'm honored to have been picked to paint the turtle and love to make children happy through Art.” 

Juan Francisco Adaro painted “Manuelita”. Adaro is known for his abstract-figurative life size portraits, and is the 2015 South Walton Artist of the Year. Adaro is a contemporary painter born in Buenos Aires Argentina.  Starting as a street and mural artist in his early twenties, he has been painting for the last 20 years. Today Adaro Art is known for his large abstract and life size portraits using recycled materials and natural textures. He recreates each technique to suit his needs. Adaro's work has been shown extensively in group exhibitions around the world, and in one-person exhibitions at leading institutions such as the BAC, the CC Borges and the CCC in Buenos Aires. 


“Manuelita has been on a long journey searching for her lost love around the world. Gulf Place is one of the many beautiful places Manuelita has stopped to look for her love.”

David J. Hansel painted Horace. David began drawing at the age of 5 and graduated to painting in his late teens and by his 20's & 30's he had directed several art departments and was an avid art designer for well-known companies. David's art is fresh and lively. He loves the play of light and bright colors. Having lived near various well known beaches including in St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) and Hawaii he draws his inspirations from the oceans. David has artwork in many galleries and private collections and 4 pieces that found their home in the White House. He will soon have a beautiful undersea mural in Butler Elementary School on 30A! 


“Horace has wandered the oceans deep and wide and found his home in Gulf Place among the wonderful residents and the fun-loving children.”