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Gulf Place News Blog

Where fun meets the sun

What sets Gulf Place Apart?

on Thursday, 01 June 2017.

Situated immediately off Scenic Highway 30A and Highway 393 sits a quaint collection of locally owned, small businesses that welcome you to get a glimpse into life at the beach! A vast property, Gulf Place, just steps from the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico, offers the prime destination to stay and play with ease! 

The prime location of the center paired with impeccable dining, shopping and more ensures you’ll find whatever it is you’re searching for. From beach accessories to a date night outfit and beyond, the unique inventory and aura of each merchant is what keeps the center diverse in it’s offerings! The same goes for dining - from Mexican cuisine to American classics - the whole family can find something to indulge in.

Perhaps the most notable difference at Gulf Place is our commitment to local artists. Located at the very center of the property, “Artists of Gulf Place” is situated as the focal point. And rightfully so as the bright colors, artwork, live music, painting classes and more fill the air! These cottage style spaces are committed to fostering a haven for local artists to not only showcase their work but continue to grow in the community of artists that surround them. Furthermore, throughout the summer, you may even find yourself witnessing an artist or two at the entry of  “Artists of Gulf Place” painting right before your eyes. This deep-rooted commitment to local artists, their craft and showcasing it, is what differentiates us in the expansive 30A landscape.

In addition to unmatched shopping, noteworthy dining and a commitment to artistry, Gulf Place also features an array of events from the Third Thursday Wine Walkabouts to Sunday Concerts on the lawn. The culture of Gulf Place strives to make locals and visitors alike feel like they’ve found their home at the beach. 

If you’re interested in learning about the merchants, events or more, please visit our website, here.


The Perfect Pig Live Music Scheule

on Tuesday, 02 May 2017.


The Perfect Pig has an impressive lineup of local artists beginning Wednesday, May 3 through Thursday, August 31. For a full lineup click here. Dates and times may vary, and are subject to change. For more information, find The Perfect Pig on Facebook.

5/03 Dan McNeil from 6-9pm

5/04 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

5/05 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

5/06 Cassidy Dickens from 6-9

5/10 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

5/11 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

5/12 Chad Thurman & Dan Hall from 6-9

5/14 Shane D'Fury Brunch from 11am - 2pm

5/17 Leo Higley from 6-9

5/19 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

5/20 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

5/21 Shane D'Fury Brunch from 11am - 2pm

5/24 Dan McNeil from 6-9pm

5/25 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

5/26 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

5/27 Chad Thurman & Dan Hall from 6-9

5/30 Mari Gleason from 6-9

5/31 Leo Higley from 6-9

6/03 Dan McNeil from 6-9pm

6/07 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

6/08 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

6/10 Chad Thurman & Dan Hall from 6-9

6/11 Shane D'Fury Brunch from 11am - 2pm

6/14 Leo Higley from 6-9

6/15 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

6/16 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

6/17 Chad Thurman & Dan Hall from 6-9

6/21 Dan McNeil from 6-9pm

6/22 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

6/24 Mari Gleason from 6-9

6/25 Shane D'Fury Brunch from 11am - 2pm

6/28 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

6/29 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

6/30 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

7/01 Dan McNeil from 6-9pm

7/02 Mari Gleason from 6-9

7/02 Shane D'Fury Brunch from 11am - 2pm

7/03 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

7/05 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

7/06 Cassidy Dickens from 6-9

7/07 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

7/08 Chad Thurman & Dan Hall from 6-9

7/12 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

7/13 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

7/14 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

7/16 Leo Higley Brunch from 11a-2pm

7/19 Dan McNeil from 6-9pm

7/20 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

7/22 Chad Thurman & Dan Hall from 6-9

7/23 Shane D'Fury Brunch from 11am - 2pm

7/26 Mari Gleason from 6-9

7/27 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

7/28 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

7/29 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

8/02 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

8/03 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

8/04 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

8/06 Shane D'Fury Brunch from 11am - 2pm

8/09 Chad Thurman & Dan Hall from 6-9

8/10 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

8/11 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

8/17 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

8/18 Chris Alvarado from 6-9

8/24 Scott Rockwood Duo from 6-9

8/27 Shane D'Fury Brunch from 11am - 2pm

8/31 Shane D'Fury from 6-9

Free Summer Sunday Concert Series Lineup

on Monday, 01 May 2017.

Gulf Place on 30A announces the lineup of the Summer Sunday Concert Series sponsored by ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals. Kicking off on May 28, 2017, each week will feature a different local or regional band, ranging in genres. Performances will be appropriate for attendees of all ages. Concerts are from 5-8 p.m. and are free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets to enjoy the concert on the amphitheater lawn. 
The live entertainment acts are as follows*:


May 28 – Emerald Gold Band 


June 4 – New Earth Army

June 11 – Post Pluto

June 18 – Purple Monkey

June 25 – Luke Langford & 331 SouthJuly

July 2 – Still Standing a tribute to Elton John

July 9 – Déjà vu

July 16 – Continuum

July 23 – Kane and the Saints

July 30 – Wildlife Specials


August 6 – Casey Kearney

August 13 – The Moon Lagoons

August 20 – Waterzedge

August 27 – Rust and Gold


September 3 – Kickstand Jenny

*All dates and acts are subject to change without notice.

For more information on the concert series, go to www.gulfplacefl.com or find Gulf Place on Facebook and Twitter.

To book Gulf Place lodging, visit WVRNWFL.com and select “Gulf Place” from the Rental Quick Search menu.

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